The Genius was the first season of the 3rd Generation of the RSF Series. This season has 13 tengagers competing in a series of tests to prove that they are the smartest in the bunch.

Splozojames was ultimately the winner beating out coltsfan876 in the finals.

This season is infamous for almost causing the host to quit the series in the final 4 after constant below the belt drama which resulted a contestants removal from the game.


Contestants Original Seasoh Placings
Splozojames50 Fresh Meat Winner
Coltsfan870 The Ruins Runner-Up
Timster Fresh Meat 3rd
Halloween The Amazing Race 4th (Removed)
Jkjkjk15 Free Agents 5th
Obscurity Solitary 6th
Ahmir50 The Inferno 7th
Jordonk Cutthroat 8th
Marble N/A 9th
Fobbiying N/A 10th
Rocketokid13 N/A 11th
Mysterygame2 Free Agents 12th
Jman96 Cutthroat 2 13th