Gauntlet 2 was the second season in the third generation (and 32nd season overall) of the RSF Series. This season contains 32 players split into 2 teams of 16 to battle it out to become gauntlet champions. The season, the teams were split into rookies and vets of the tengaged website.

In the end, the rookies won the final challenge with 3 players against the veterans that had 6 players.

This season is considered one of the greatest seasons in RSF History for how committed the players were to the challenges, the drama that barely went too far, and how it always came close between the teams from beginning to end.


Veterans Team

Players Original Season Finish
Timster Fresh Meat Runner-Up
Splozojames50 Fresh Meat Runner-Up
Coltsfan876 The Ruins Runner-Up
Jman96 Cutthroat 2 Runner-Up
Iceicebaby Fresh Meat 2 Runner-Up
Ethan000 Endurance Bora Bora Runner-Up
Jordonk Cutthroat Episode 10
Bad18life A Coaches Game Episode 10
Lafiercebrittany The Inferno Episode 8
Lavaworks The Mole 3 Episode 8
Mysterygame2 F ree Agents Episode 6
Eliortiz1234 Free Agents Episode 4
Leonine_Divine The Castle Episode 3
Tundrahenry101 N/A Episode 3
Bblover96 Survivor: East Vs West Episode 2
Vh1clown N/A Episode 1


Rookies Team

Players Original Seasons Finish
Awwsum11 N/A WINNER
Absol Cutthroat 2 WINNER
Bambinoswag Endurance Bora Bora WINNER
EM002 Free Agents Episode 9
Gaiaphagee N/A Episode 9
Nightcore The Inferno Episode 9
Jkjkjk15 Free Agents Episode 9
Nothingbuttrouble The Inferno Episode 7
Hipposunite N/A Episode 7
Pikachu142 N/A Episode 6
Ahmir99 The Inferno Episode 5
Harrywasank N/A Episode 5
Chris1080 N/A

Episode 5


Classicaz5 N/A Episode 4
Timberlie N/A Episode 2
Hayden1 N/A Episode 1




- This is the first time Iceicebaby, jman96, bambinoswag, and awwsum made the finals in a rsf game.

- Week 8 has the most amount of people nominated in one round one way or another.