This is the 6th season of the 3rd Generation (and 36th overall) of the RSF Series. This season is based on the show
'Bachelor Pad'. This shows 27 tengagers being tested on their social and strategic games in order to find the perfect partner and go all the way to the end.

Contestants Original Season Finish
Christain_ N/A
coolexchangestudent A Coaches Game
doubledarefan01 Redneck Island
Gaiaphagee Gauntlet 2
jman96 Cutthroat 2
Mitchkid64 N/A
mysterygame2 Free Agents
Rocketokid13 The Genius
tundrahenry101 Gauntlet 2
Zed55 Survivor: Atlantis The Lost Empire
awwsum11 Gauntlet 2 12th/11th
Nelson Fresh Meat 12th/11th
zachboy67 N/A 13th
EM002 Free Agents 14th
Dito I Love Money 15th
Leonine_Divine The Castle 16th
Survivor_Season N/A 17th
KingGeek N/A 18th
AlexaVonTrayne N/A 19th
Rockslide N/A 20th
JennaCornCub The Castle 2 21st
Halloween The Amazing Race 22nd
Jwbrine N/A 23rd
SashaBaby2010 N/A 24th
LaughingOutLoud N/A 25th
Kelly0412 The Castle 2 26th
Bradyspaulding16 N/A 27th