This is the 5th season of the 3rd generation (And 35th season overall) of the RSF Franchise. This is the sequel to a original RSF season called "The Castle". This features 28 players being put in a series of tests in teams, pairs, and individual missions. This in the end, only 1 player will emerge as the champion.

Splozojames50 won the final challenge aganist Halloween and Jkjkjk15. This marks Splozojames50's 3rd win in Generation 3, and 5th win overall.


Players Original Season Placing
Splozojames50 Fresh Meat Winner
Halloween The Amazing Race Runner-Up
Jkjkjk15 Free Agents 2nd Runner-Up
Absol Cutthroat 2 4th
Survivorfan37 American Grit 5th
Awwsum11 Gauntlet 2 6th
JennaCornCub N/A 7th
Rawr121 Endurance Bora Bora 8th
Kelly0412 N/A 9th
TMtyler360 N/A 10th
jman96 Cutthroat 2 11th
Rocketokid The Genius 12th
DillyDally N/A 13th
Jordonk Cutthroat 14th
Michael222 Cutthroat 15th
Kevin121302 N/A 16th
Chris1080 Gauntlet 2 17th
Qazwdxedc American Grit 18th
Sahmosean N/A 19th
JTthePrince American Grit

20th (Quit)

Gaiaphagee Gauntlet 2 21st
Flickgamecoin N/A 22nd
Cryptspartan N/A 23rd
Doudledarefan01 Redneck Island 24th
Lafiercebrittany2 The Inferno 25th
Qazwsx N/A 26th
JacksonWalsh N/A 27th
Jimboslice The Castle 28th