This is the forth season of the thrid generation (And 34th season overall) in the RSF Franchaise. This season was based on the real life TV show American Grit. It features 16 players in 4 teams competing in a series of evolutions, obstacle course, and elimination called the circus to be the last soldier standing.

In the end, Ethan000 from the Grey team was the American Grit champion beating The blue and green team in the finals.


Players Original Season Team Placings
Ethan000 Endurance Bora Bora Grey Team Winner
Survivorfan37 N/A Green Team 2nd 
Halloween The Amazing Race Green Team 2nd
Carlyjordan14 N/A Green Team 2nd
Teamjacz The Mole Blue Team 3rd
Brandonh1 N/A Blue Team 4th
Jman96 Cutthroat 2 Blue Team 5th
JTthePrince N/A Grey Team 6th
Chris1080 Gauntlet 2 Grey Team 7th
Qazwdxedc N/A Grey Team 8th
Mysterygame2 Free Agents Red Team 9th
Doubledarefan01 Redneck Island Blue Team 10th
Coolexchangestudent A Coaches Game Red Team 11th
Theocrules N/A Red Team 12th
Dominosummers820 N/A Red Team 13th
DonaldTrump N/A Green Team 14th




- Chris1080 and Halloween were able to come back despite quitting and being removed for offensive language in past seasons.

- This is Ethan000's 2nd win in the series.

- The Red team is the only one to have all of their members eliminated before the finals.

- This is teamjacz, survivor fan, and carlyjordan's first trip to a RSF Finals.